Thursday, July 11, 2013

Three Reasons to Buy the Moultrie M880

Moultrie M880 For sale
Moultrie M880 For Sale
The Moultrie M880 has impressed many deer hunters in a short period.  The new 2013 model boast several nice features and is packed with plenty of power.  Price tag seems to draw some attention and then the features keep the Moultrie M880 gear bag.

Moultrie M880 Trigger Speed

At .8 seconds the Moultrie M880 trigger speed is fast enough for any situation.  An active trail or a rub line would be a good setup.  Fence crossings are also a great place because deer tend to cross in the same areas time after time.

Moultrie M880 Battery Life

You can expect to get over 1 years use out of a set of AA batteries with the Moultrie M880.  Even over and active bait station the battery life is really nice.

Moultrie M880 Price

The Moultrie M880 is for sale at less than $150.  The Deer Pros Shop currently has it listed for $149 and with the Moultrie M880 discount you can get it for $140 with free shipping. 


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