Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Better Trail Cam Comparison

Trail Camera Comparison Example
Trail cams are high tech hunting gadgets.  5 years ago they were $500 and no one had one and now they are $100 bucks and everybody has half a dozen.  Even though price has come down the technology continues to advance. 

Trail camera's standard list of features is growing with each deer season.  A customer has a lot to think about when shopping for the best price on a trail camera.  here is a quick list of the core features you should be comparing when buying a deer camera.

  • Trigger speed
  • resolution
  • battery life
  • moon phase
  • temperature
  • barometric pressure
I have put together a trail camera comparison tool on Deer Pros.  I would love to be able to hard code the results but I am having trouble.  So for the mean time you will have to select the models you would like to compare.  The chart looks great and the specs are easy to compare

Here is an example of one of the trail camera comparison charts.

If you can think of a feature or spec that should be added just leave a comment below and let me know

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