Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hunting Gear Reviews

Hunting Gear Reviews, more like friend referrals
There is definitely no shortage of gear available to deer hunters.  I can remember back to 2006 and there were only about 5 models of trails.  Hell, my first trail camera was homemade because the "real trail cameras" were over $400.  Now in 2013 there are over a dozen manufacturers of trail cams and each company has several models to choose from. 

This same scenario is true with any type of hunting gear.  A shortage of models to choose from is not the problem.  The problem is Which fill in the blank .      ..   ..   is right for me.  Seeing a need for more product reviews prompted me to create a hunting gear reviews section on

I figure I can put my OCD to use and help you guys out.  See, when I decide I need a new trail camera I started researching.  Digging through hunting forums and hunting blogs looking for feedback and opinions.  Then I start talking to friends and asking the pros down at the local archery shop.  Usually the field gets narrowed down to two or three models and then I start field testing.  I recently put together a Moultrie M880 Review - Read Review -

It is more than a review.  These product spotlights are more of a recommendation.  I am not getting paid to write the articles.  It is hunting gear that I am really impressed by...or really disappointed in and want to be sure other deer hunters are aware of all the pros and cons. 

My search for a new broadhead is another good example.  There are plenty of decent broadheads on the market and there are also a ton of crappy designs.  My Grim Reaper Razortip Review is simply highlighting a fantastic expandable broadhead that is far less known than NAP and Rage.  Head over to Deer Pros and check out the Grim Reaper review and while you are there you can check out all the other reviews and deer hunting tips.

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